Friday, December 23, 2011

Her Style TV- LIVE Tweet and Greet

Join the ladies of Her Style TV for our very first Tweet and Greet! Essentially the show you have come to know and love will be live and in person, so join us for an evening of networking and fun.   The topic for the evening's show is open relationships, so you do not want to miss this evening of provocative conversation!

What: Her Style Tweet and Greet
When: Tuesday, December 27th 7-10pm
Where: Tailor Made Cafe 6 Poppleton St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Registration for this event is required:

We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Gift of Presence

by Lisa Brown-Hall
December is in full swing and with the close of the year comes holiday celebrations and the tremendous pressure to come bearing gifts.  This past cyber Monday, retailers saw the highest revenues since this holiday shopping day second only to Black Friday was created.  
During this holiday season, it is important to remember the best gift is one of “presence”.    Why close out the year over-spending, depleting your resources and derailing any budget plans all in the name of purchasing a gift?
Instead of joining in the hype of the gift-buying frenzy, spend some quality time tapping into your gifts and talents in order to bring a smile to your loved ones face.

Her Style Gift of Presence Guide
Hostess gift-if you find yourself faced with attending a holiday party and in need of the perfect hostess gift, why not make cookies or homemade fudge?  Visit the dollar store and find a holiday-themed tin, buy some tissue paper and use your culinary skills to whip up a gift that’s sure to bring a smile to your hostesses face.  Check online for great recipes and the effort you took will be greatly appreciated.

Homemade Hallmark- to this day, with all of the gifts from Tiffany, Nordstrom and other major retailers I’ve received from my husband, one of my  favorite gifts from him is a Valentine’s day card he made when we were young, broke and newly in  love.  Whenever I happen to come upon it, that card still brings a smile to my face. Visit your local crafts store and use your rhyming skills to come up with verses that are personal to your loved one with so much more impact than anything Hallmark makes.

You Say Hello- Beyond a shadow of a doubt we have become a society hooked on texting, Facebook status updates and tweets; we are more “social” in media and cyber-space and have lost the art of face to face conversation.  Put the phone down, log off the computer, grab a bottle of wine (or several!) and get your girlfriends together for some quality time in person. Trust me, the conversations will be rich and you will realize just how much you miss the connection that drew you together in the first place.

Visit and older loved one- we always assume that someone else is taking care of Auntie or our favorite uncle; why not pop in on them with a plate (either prepared or store bought) a DVD and spend some time with them- Not only will they appreciate the gesture, the wisdom imparted and laughs you are bound to have will be priceless.

Do you have a low-cost way of celebrating your friends and family during the holidays?  Then we want to hear from you.

Happy Holidays!